Get your glow on with Fresh Beauty’s summer must-haves

Skin wizards at Fresh Beauty have been busy concocting a sumptuous new range for the stifling summer season…

In dire need of a facial but no time? Cue the Vitamin Nectar – Vitamin C Glow Powder, which truly lives up to its ‘glowing’ expectations of being a 30 second facial in a pouch. 

By simply pouring the magical powder into your hand and mixing with some water and voila! After massaging into your skin for a grand total of just 30 seconds, rinse off and bask in your glowing glory, for your skin will look and feel dewy and healthier than it was 30 seconds afore. The enchanting elixir to this product is Fresh’s very own vitamin fruit complex, bursting with enriching ingredients like vitamin C, minerals and fruity extracts. These rejuvenating goodies have been proven to leave the skin bright, tighten pores, with the exfoliating remedy improving the skin’s texture soft and silky smooth. 

For the ultimate winning skincare combo, pair Vitamin C Glow Powder with Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water. Spray on this light refreshing mist before or after makeup as a primer or setting spray, featuring an essential mixture of vitamins, fruit extracts and minerals to feed the skin those all important nutrients - leaving your skin feeling and looking energized and hydrated instantly. 

No more lack-lustre, dull, dehydrated skin – Hurrah for Fresh Beauty! 


Duck in for a blow dry at Duck & Dry throughout August and request a complimentary sample of Fresh Beauty’s Vitamin Nectar Glow Powder or Vitamin Nectar Glow Water.

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