Introducing our Mega Volume styling hero: Blow Dry In A Bottle

We do hundreds of blow dries a week creating the finest blow dries in London so we know what it takes to create the perfect hair. Blow Dry In A Bottle is our go-to tool across all styles and hair types and our hero product loved by our in house stylists; and now it's available for you to put your styling skills to the test!

Our magic formula is packed with natural ingredients that bring goodness to your hair, helping our stylists deliver endless conditioning and super shine to our hundreds of customers every week.

Our secret ingredient for a big and bouncy blow dry? Honey Locust. This powerful ingredient gives an instant volume boost and overall plumpness while the lightweight properties prevent product build up leaving the hair feeling fuller for longer.

Fierce ingredients like the miracle herb White Nettle, don’t worry, it won’t prickle like a stinging nettle, brings blood to your scalp creating texture and a natural root lift ensuring beautifully fresh hair with that extra oomph.

Celebrated for its stimulating effects since ancient times, Ginseng is fully equipped with hair benefits enriching hair follicles to stimulate overall texture giving your hair that extra grip and control to keep any styles from your Classic Duck to Brazen Braid in check all day long.

Last but certainly not least we have essential oils of Camomile, Bergamot and Linden Flower squeezed into our wonder-bottle to deliver extra nourishment, health and sheen.

Let your hair go up up and away with our Blow Dry In A Bottle. Available in store and online.