Meet our favourite florist: John Carter

Ahead of Chelsea Flower Show, we are so thrilled to feature an interview with our favourite celebrity florist, John Carter. 

Read on to find out current floral trends, tips on indoor flower arrangements and more...


Current flower trends

I still think that soft, natural colours are incredibly current and they always will be. I think everything is much more seasonal now, with people more aware of what each season brings with it.


Tips on indoor floral arrangements

If you’re working to a tight budget always buy one type of flower; it gives much more impact.  Always buy flowers as tight as possible, they need time to open up and will last longer.  Always use a super clean vase and place flowers in deep water after cutting and splitting stems.


Personal style signifier

My taste is quiet, luxurious and classic with a modern twist.


Most extravagant client request

Having 20,000 peonies suspended from the ceiling for a surprise birthday party.  It looked like an art installation!


Favourite career moment

Working with Princess Diana, meeting her was wonderful.


Favourite hidden Chelsea gem

I still like Chelsea Green, sitting on the benches there in the sunshine is a joy!