Reporting directly from Lock & Co. Hatters

We had the absolute pleasure of being invited to meet the super friendly and talented team behind the legendary British brand, James Lock & Co. Their hats are in the spotlight since 1676, which makes them the oldest and finest hat shop in the world! Yet everything is produced in house with all materials being sourced from the UK.

We were lucky enough to be shown around by the Creative Director, Ruth Ravenscroft and the Head Designer, Sylvia Fletcher as they gave us the insight into the world of Lock & Co.


Do you think  the hat wearing trend is coming back?

Ruth:  Absolutely! Hats are once again becoming an everyday accessory, an important part of dressing up rather than a peculiar fashion statement.

We are selling a lot more casual hats now than 10 years ago, especially during the winter season. And due to the high demand, we have introduced a big selection of casual hats that come in all different prices and styles. 


Which hairstyle would you recommend with a hat?

Ruth: The fashion for hair is a lot softer now with the look being more natural rather than dramatic. We think that big hats tend to go better with sleek hair and the hat being the true centrepiece. Whereas smaller, more structured hats look great with softer, classic blow dries. 


 What style of hats are in fashion now?

Sylvia: It is important that millinery works together with the current trends. This season, we are seeing resurgence in quite sharp and structured hats. Lock & Co. AW14 collection is a lot sportier with hand-made buckles and leather accents.


Ruth: I have channelled the 1960’s in our AW14 collection. People usually prefer to buy the style and colour that they can mix and match with various wardrobe options. Hues of burgundy and navy are popular this season as these are versatile and can suit most of the skin tones. We think winter white is also very luxurious for this time of the year.


How to accessorise?

Sylvia: Hats are the best way to give that something extra to your outfit! I think one should always think about the overall look when choosing the headpiece and create block colours either from the top or the bottom i.e. matching hat and bag or bag and shoes. However, with an elaborated patterned dress, matching block single colour would look better.

Also, with recent trends there is a much wider flexibility in putting colours together. Even lipstick and nail polish can be used to pull different colours together!


Any words of advice for finding a perfect hat?

Always think about your complete silhouette when choosing your headpiece and go for the one that reflects your personality. 

Lastly, enjoy the process of finding the perfect hat and never be afraid to try a wide variety of styles!



A huge thank you to Sylvia and Ruth for taking the time to answer our questions so diligently and with such genuine passion.

To view more of their beautiful creations, check out Lock & Co. website: