Meet the artist behind ‘BLOOM’ art pop up: Antoinette Wysocki

Antoinette Wysocki, is a renowned, American expressionistic painter who employs mixed media on organic materials. Read on as she talks about her work on exhibit in our store and shares her favourite career moment, top NYC advice and favourite London spot!


How are the works created?

I've worked to develop a process combining various materials, chance, control and analysis. Part of my focus is the balance of media and absorption rate so that the various materials interact, binding or refracting from each other or the canvas itself. Each work begins with action painting, with focus around gestures and washes, balancing chance and consciousness. The second stage of control defines the abstracted imagery pulling out elements, while balancing the raw with saturated. The mixed media can alter the pieces beyond repair or become the focus of the piece itself. The process is concluded in the analysis stage where the preponderance of symbols are defined through detailed drawings and brush strokes, insertion of dialog and deciphering of imagery.

Inspirations behind ‘Bloom’

Many years ago when I was lost in my abstract work, I decided to challenge myself and enroll in the Washington DC Smithsonian’s Botanical Drawing and Painting course taught by the only credited Smithsonian botanical artist. It was painful for many reasons… working so slow….wash after wash, waiting, revisiting the same composition. And everyone around me reminded me of my Granny. But it taught me to see; to look closer and to have patience…to hyper focus and become a bit O.C.D in the smallest areas. These pieces were honing in on those moments and tweaking them to yield whimsical but serious moods. They are obvious but demand a closer engagement where you become rewarded the longer you visit with them.

Favourite London spot

Oh that’s oh so difficult. I’ve been going to London since I was a child every year and lived there as well. What I’m nostalgic for might just be a pub pint but right now it would be Grazing through Bourough Market, where the pelicans reside in St. James Park, Victoria Station to feel the energy of the city and Hamleys where it is always enchanting. But for the sake of the show- The Roof Gardens….and a G&T at Annabels.

Top NYC advice

Walk as many blocks of the city till your feet beg you to stop. Thrive off the hustle and bustle, feel overwhelmed but excited, look up, look down and see how the neighborhoods change block by block. Just get down and dirty in it.

Favourite career moment

When the day came that I was confident to introduce myself as a painter

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