Looking for a Career Shake-Up? Yulia is talking all about it at Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Summit

Want to know how our fabulous founder Yulia Rorstrom came from being a management consultant in the financial sector to launching Duck & Dry. Making the brand into three stores in three short years, as well as an entire product line (that is marvellous!) and a franchise operation. Talk about #girlboss.

This Sunday Yulia will be talking at the Cosmopolitan Self where she will be empowering you to achieve your career goals. Expect nuggets of incredible advice such as never invest more than you can afford to loose or how you ultimately have to believe in yourself to succeed.

Get to her know Yulia a little better before the event with these quick fire questions from the lovely Tiffany from breakfast with Tiffany who racked her brains at The Ivy Chelsea Gardens to find out how she’s done it all… as well as having two children at the time!

Questions with Tiffany:

Go to meeting spot: Berners Tavern, still one of the most beautiful dining rooms in London!

Necessary extravagance: Holidays! Travelling is one of my indulgences. I miss the sun living in London and I find that getting away helps me to get a sense of perspective away from the day to day grind. And I always come back with new and fresh ideas!

Favourite productivity tool: Pen and paper. I am quite old school when it comes down to planning work load and am constantly doing 'to do' lists.

Favourite blog: Sheerluxe Success Stories, I really enjoy learning about the journeys of other entrepreneurs

Recent inspiration: Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder and Creative Director of Sweaty Betty. I was really inspired by her story, how she managed to grow to 60 stores and still maintain and a happy family and achieve the all important work/life balance.

What do you believe that most around you disbelieve: To build a successful business it does not always require a completely unique idea. Even if there are other examples of a product/ service you can still succeed by just doing it better! 

What do you wish you could change in the world of startups and business: One of the most challenging aspects for a new brand is to reach the consumers and build brand awareness so it would be fantastic if there was a platform for new businesses to reach their audiences faster in a cost effective way.

To delve further into Yulia’s journey check out Tiffany’s blog post.  

Thinking of starting your own business or just want a career shake-up and want some killer advice. Make sure you head to Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Summit this weekend. Use the Code DUCK_20 for 20% off tickets. The weekend will include celebrity talks, speed networking sessions and interactive workshops all dedicated to empowering you to achieve your #careergoals